Thursday, 27 May 2010

Next Project

"What's a jar of marmalade doing here?" You might ask yourself.
Stay tuned, all will become clear - just as soon as we've finished the marmalade.

Cinefantastique Vol 5 No 4

If you're a fan of the George Pal version of War Of the Worlds, i do urge you to track this brilliant issue down.
Most of it is devoted to the making of the film, very indepth articles and stunning shots of the modelwork and preproduction artwork.
Best for me is the early version design for the War Machine, clearly showing the "rays for legs" effect briefly mentioned and seeen in the final film and Art Director Al Nozaki working on an early version of the craft - as witnessed by the Cobra Neck being set right back and 3 legs. Although whether they were meant to be actual legs attached to the underside, 3 temporary legs to simulate the force beams, or just a temporary stand, is not made clear.
Worth tracking down. Got mine years ago off eBay pretty cheaply although dunno what it fetches now.