Thursday, 29 December 2016

Strange '53 poster

Very odd movie poster - not how i saw them at all

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Martian Handling Machine - colours

HG Wells has the Martian craft as metallic. Problem there is that could be a bit dull, especially as the bridge girder work will be the same. So how to jazz it up? Well, I've got a pot of Citadel Metallic Green that I've had for a good 30 years and is still viable. So, after basing in gun metal, I've dappled on another coat with some of the green mixed in. A bit bright, but the next stage will take care of that.

Friday, 23 December 2016

Martian Handling Machine - progress

Right, with tentacles made from Green Stuff and legs from coathanger wire, the thing was given a dapple of Mr Surfacer to give it surface texture, then primed.

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Martian Handling Machine - getting started

So, i bought me a yogurt pot for a new project- Alvim Correa's brilliant depiction of the Martians handling machine. I plan on buidling it in this pose, set amongst Red Weed-encrusted ruins. Hopefully i'll be able to source some suitable scale birds from the railway modelling section. Studying the picture, it looks like it has organic tentacles front, left and one coiled up at back. Assuming there's also one on the right that's either retracted or snapped off, I've drilled four holes in the yogurt pot and capped them with some wheel bits.

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Neat images (3)

A terrifically chunky Tripod that seems to merge with elements of the Martians.

Neat Images (2)

Fantastic, pretty darn accurate depiction of the Fighting Machines. The Martian doesn't look bad either!

Monday, 15 February 2016

Er... anyone still out there?

Dunno if you are, but i'll type away just in case there's at least one. Been a LONG time away, a combination of other hobby and interests taking over, me moving more into Facebook for journal posts like these, and most recently Instagram. But i'm back now and, with talk of a new BBC series based on the book, i'm sure there will be more in the way of posts from me soon. To tide you over, have this really rather bizarre Correa illustration, which i'm guessing shows the narrator having a nightmare while down in that cellar - how else do you explain the Martians sitting around him and the Parson and, what is that? a Tripod blueprint? Or another vision tormenting him?

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Updated Jeff Wayne's WOTW

Oh dear. Oh dear. Oh dear. Remember when the Star Wars prequels were announced and you go "Hope, they're good - if they're not, then they'll spoil memories of the originals". Then you get to see it. And what you get is a pale rehash of what's gone before, clumsily handled, with all the charm siphoned off, with flashy CGI effects that aren't a patch on what's been seen already. A hollow, waste of time. With Liam Neeson. "Groundhog Day!"

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Spielbergs Tripod - all done

Thank gawd that's done - that's all i can say. Haven't enjoyed this build at all, and finishing the base was a right old slog. But its done now and the finished result doesn't look too bad i guess.

Friday, 31 August 2012

Spielberg Tripod - thanks gawd thats done

Here its as assmebled and painted - and not a moment too soon. This build has been incredibly frustrating - awful part fit, glue not sticking and a bunch of other gripes that i won't go in to as i don't want to wind meself up. So, its built and apinted then. The instructions would have it that its a dark grey, but one look at the DVD and its clearly metallic. Whether that's one of the few instances in the film that's true to Wells' book or not i duuno, but i was happy to go that way. I used "Moonland Sand" spray paint for the basecoat, as i've had it laying around since i did my Blade Runner blaster years back. On top of that i've drybrushed gunmetal and silver very sparingly. As i say, kinda fed up with the build - and i've still the base to do. Hearts not in that at all.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Spielberg Tripod - what to do?

Goes without saying i'm a MASSIVE fan of War Of The Worlds so, really, i should've snapped up this kit long ago. But was kinda skint when it was available for pre-order and certainly can't afford it now. But i got a lot of dosh for my birthday, so thought i'd splash out. Now its here though, what do i do with it? Light it? That's an idea. But a lighting kit is only available in the States - and i don't want to wait long for it. But, looking at it, all i need is 3 LED's and a lighting strip, things readily available from Maplins for way under half the price. But do i want to light it? My other Tripod kits aren't lighted, so why should this one be? But its got clear parts ready for lighting, so i should do so. But how many of my lighted kits do i actually switch on? What to do? Also, do i make it as the Spielberg film version, or do i try and adapt it more into Wells' version? My brain hurts.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

My Martian collection.

Apologies for being away for so long - work, life and other hobbies keep getting in the way.
But i'm back today, with a link to my ramble on my Martian collection if you fancy a look-see:

Monday, 21 November 2011

Wells' Martian - the eyes have it.

With his eyes, done that's him finished. As anyone who's read the book will know, Wells is at his vaguest when describing the eyes.
First up, we have:
"... two luminous discs - like eyes". From that we get they have a couple of discs. Not eyes, but discs that could be called eyes. And they glow or are internally lit. Or something.
Then we have:
"Two large dark-coloured eyes". Oh, so now they ARE eyes. And are dark. No luminsosity at all.
Okay, how to do that then?
I've ummed and ahhed all over this build on that very point and, in the end, decided to go with this compromise here - have them large with a very dark brown and black iris centre, but ring it with a bright yellow to try and convey the luminous, disc description.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Wells' Martian - mouth done

Here we are then with the tentacles put in place. The fact that they're elasticated cord means they'll be fully posable when done.
You can also see i've blocked the eyes in white, first step on the vaguest part of this build...

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Wells' Martian - tentacles

Here we go with half the tentacles done.
The book has them being "sixteen slender, almost whip-like tentacles, arranged in two bunches of eight".
I've painted them a grey/red just to distinguish them from the body and, ebing elastic cord, they have the advantage of being posable when i'm done.