Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Spielberg Tripod - what to do?

Goes without saying i'm a MASSIVE fan of War Of The Worlds so, really, i should've snapped up this kit long ago. But was kinda skint when it was available for pre-order and certainly can't afford it now. But i got a lot of dosh for my birthday, so thought i'd splash out. Now its here though, what do i do with it? Light it? That's an idea. But a lighting kit is only available in the States - and i don't want to wait long for it. But, looking at it, all i need is 3 LED's and a lighting strip, things readily available from Maplins for way under half the price. But do i want to light it? My other Tripod kits aren't lighted, so why should this one be? But its got clear parts ready for lighting, so i should do so. But how many of my lighted kits do i actually switch on? What to do? Also, do i make it as the Spielberg film version, or do i try and adapt it more into Wells' version? My brain hurts.

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