Tuesday, 8 June 2010


Jeff Wayne's War Of The Worlds is quite rightly well loved the world over. And known the world over, helped in no small way by the fantastic, iconic artwork by Mike Trimm.
So, with a massive potentail market for licensed collectables based on it, what would you come up with after the clothing?
A pre-paint of the Fighting Machine?
Ditto the Martian?
Kits of the above?
Even better - a series of dioramas, either as kits or prepaints?
No, none of the above.
Instead we get the bizarro idea of a USB stick in the shape of the canopy of a Fighting Machine and now this.
Can hardly bring myself to type the following, figuring this must be a joke as surely they didn't have a board meeting to decide what the next release would be and came up with this.
Ladies & Gents, get your money out 'cause here comes what you've wanted ever since hearing the album way back when - your very own WOTW:

Tax Disc Holder,
Air Freshner,
Bumper Sticker,
and Mint Box Holder.

I mean really, have i fallen through a time portal and its actually April 1st today???????