Sunday, 15 November 2009


Very sweet this. And the guys done more besides:

Friday, 23 October 2009

Walk 11 - Primrose Hill

"Great mounds had been heaped upon the crest of the hill"
And this is where we ended it.
Ian's leg was really giving him trouble and the incline is pretty steep.
Didn't really matter as, if we did climb to the top, there'd be nothing to see - the camp being an excavation. I'd have to take a photo of the ground.
So that's that.
Despite Ian's injury, we had a really good time and it wasn't that far - maybe 6 miles?
Recommended for a different sort of day out, but i'd urge you to go on a Sunday. a week days' noise and pollution would put the damper on it.

Walk 10 - St Edmund's Terrace

"I hurried through the Red Weed that choked St Edmund's Terrace"...
Again, apart from one or two buildings, its all modern here.
There's a school in this road - be nice if they were taught of the literary events that happened on their doorstep.

Walk 9 - The Martian on Primrose Hill

"On the summit, towering up towards the fading stars, was a third Martian, erect and motionless like the others"
Modern development has completely obliterated the view up towards the hill i'm afraid.

Walk 8 - The second Martian

""Far away, through a gap in the trees, i saw a second Martian, as motionless as the first, standing in the park towards the Zoological Gardes."

Walk 7 - The Handling Machine

"I came upon the wrecked Handling Machine halfway to St Johns Wood station".
The mansions are all still there and this is about half way, so a good contender for the building Wells meant.
Wonder if the occupants know of such things?

Walk 6 - Regents Park

"And as i emerged from the top of Baker Street, i saw far away over the trees in the clearness of the sunset the hood of the Martian giant from which this howling proceeded."
Afraid there's no shots of the walk through Portman Square or up Baker Street, as i was pretty concrned about Ian and was focussing on him making it.
Anyway, here's the start of the park, still unchanged and easy to imagne a Tripod above this skyline.
If i had computer skills, i'd put one in.

Walk 5 - Marble Arch

"I came into Oxford Street by the Marble Arch"
Out of the calm of the park and into the bustle of the modern world.
Just before here we hit a problem - Ian ripped a tendon in his leg crossing the road. We sat and had lunch to see if it'd get better. It didn't, so we slowly walked down to a chemists for a bit of first aid.
Was touch and go whether we'd carry on but Ian was a trooper and gamely hobbled on.

Walk 4 - Serpentine Bridge

"The voice grew stronger and stronger, though i could see nothing above the house tops on the north side of the park, save a haze of smoke to the north-west".
MUCH more like it. A few minutes into the park and everything goes still, calm and quiet. Very hard to believe you're in London and easy to believe you're back in Victorian times.
No sign of any house tops northwards, the trees having massivly grown in the meantime.

Walk 3 - Hyde Park junction

"At the top, near the park gate, i came upon a strange sight - a bus overturned, and the skeleton of a horse picked clean.
The gates still there, but its now a very modern junction, with nothing Victorian about it at all.
Ian and Samuel seen here scouring for horse bones.

Walk 2 - Exhibition Road

"All the large mansions on each side of the road were empty and still, and my footsteps echoed against the sides of the houses.
No chance of that these days - even on a Sunday morning the traffic was pretty busy. The mansions are still there though, and very lovely they are too. That's Ian in the foreground, trying to get away from my reading of the book aloud as we walk.

Walk1 - Natural History Museum

It was near South Kensington that i first heard the howling... It came in a full tide down Exhibition Road. I stopped, staring towards Kensington Gardens, wondering at this strange, remote wailing.
So here we are right next to the Museum, which the narrator considers climbing to the top of to get a better view.
The right side looking northwards is pretty much unchanged from Wells' time but, after the Museums, the left is a hideous mess of new buildings.

My WOTW Walk.

Been a long time away i know. Back now and, to kick it off, thought i'd start with something i've had in mind to do for quite a few years now - follow the narrators walk through dead London at the end of the book.
Its a pretty easy job as Wells is very descriptive of just where the fellas going, all you need is a copy of the book and an A-Z.
So, last Sunday, me, my son Samuel and good friend Ian set off to see just what the route looks like now.
Starting point was South Kensington as my son is only 8 and didn't want to tire him out.

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

War Of The Worlds Diorama - dinky Fighting Machine

Here's one all done. SO cute. And such lovely detail for such a small scale.

Monday, 13 April 2009

War Of The Worlds Diorama - the clear bits

That's them all done. VERY impressed with this Pegasus company as everything just pushes into place without glue, the fits that good. You can see i've done the clear wing tips and front thingy in Tamiya Clear Green and one of the Cobra Head eye pieces in Tamiya Clear Red. Not sure about the flame part. I coated it with Tamiya Clear Orange then the Red at the top feathering it down towards the blast area. But, dunno. Flame effects are really difficult to pull off and i've no idea how this'll end up. Trouble is, you have to use it - you're not given the option of a spare lens in case you didn't want to. Which'd have been nice.

War Of The Worlds Diorama - progress

Here we are with the base a much more accurate (though dull) colour. Tanks pop a bit more now they're lighter. And you can see i've started to drybrush the three dead men turned to ash laying there.
Name plaque was a bugger to do.

Crashed Cylinder

Come across this in a box this morning and thought i'd show it to you. Its supposed to be the Martian Cylinder on Horsell Common.I made it for the UK SF Build Challenge over on the SFMUK site but,alas, that was cancelled due to lack of entries.
So, shelved this. Its not quite finished as i wanted a LOT more people - but at this scale, they're pretty expensive and i was going to get them bit by bit. Still might do that, but for now the diorama shows the first few folk on the scene.
Oh, and the cylinder is a Ferro Roche egg container cut at a 45 degree angle, plopped into a mass of Das Pronto then Games Workshop scatter material sprinkled over.

Saturday, 11 April 2009

War Of The Worlds Diorama - changing colours

So here's the base in Red Oxide Primer and the tanks in the suggested Olive Drab. Had a look at the battle scene in the film (oh, what a hardship) to get an idea what shade of brown the ground should be - and i've got to change ideas.
The ground isn't anything like brown, more just shades of grey, and that's before the Martians start burning things up. So will have to change that.
And the tanks are much more of a lighter green than the Olive Drab, so that's got to change.
I had initially thought any sort of grass would be out as the seperate shards of the stuff i've got would be waaaay out of scale to this 1/44th. But in the film there's quite tall grass there, so thinking i'll put it on after all.

Friday, 10 April 2009

Polish comic book version

Just come across this nice piece from ALFA magazine. Not at all accurate but Waldemar Andrzejewski's take on the beasties is quirkily charming.

War Of The Worlds Diorama - primed

Blimey, that was fast. Cleaned all the pices last night and this morning assembled the kit. Seems i need do nothing more than glue the tracks on the tanks. And their turrets just puch into place - handy as i think i'm gonna need a bit of poseability when it comes to lining everything up.
The War Machines look like a very good snap-fit, with no visible joins so you can see here i've primed them still in their halves. The Cobra Necks also snugly fit into a space that then fits into the hull - again a snug fit. So, taking a gamble and keeping everything apart for the main painting.

Thursday, 9 April 2009

War Of The Worlds Diorama

Headed up to Comet Minatures today.
Was quite suprised to see he'd got so much new stuff in - a lot of Trek resins i guess ready for the new film, but this is what i went for: the new diorama from Pegasus Models.
I'd seen it up on sites such as Culttvman and Starship Modeller and the $17.00 price tag was very appealing. But, with the pound/dollar rate being what it is right now, that'd work out about £12.00, add P&P makes it nearer £16.00, then the inevitable Customs would hike it up to about £30.00.
So to find it for £19.95 made it a must-buy.
So, what do you get? Very nice, but quite small (1/44th) pieces, and not a lot of them. As you can see from the instructions, parts are small and build will be pretty easy.
Bit worrying is the very soapy feel to the plastic - so a bath before assembly.

Saturday, 21 March 2009

New Fighting Machine kits

Hey there.
REAL sorry in the long time since a post here, but i've been (A) caught up in work and (B) really busy on my hobby of SF model making.
Which has meant no real time to come in here and post stuff.
But a new item looks like it'll be possible to merge the two - an excellent new 1/44th diorama.

Can't wait!