Monday, 13 April 2009

War Of The Worlds Diorama - the clear bits

That's them all done. VERY impressed with this Pegasus company as everything just pushes into place without glue, the fits that good. You can see i've done the clear wing tips and front thingy in Tamiya Clear Green and one of the Cobra Head eye pieces in Tamiya Clear Red. Not sure about the flame part. I coated it with Tamiya Clear Orange then the Red at the top feathering it down towards the blast area. But, dunno. Flame effects are really difficult to pull off and i've no idea how this'll end up. Trouble is, you have to use it - you're not given the option of a spare lens in case you didn't want to. Which'd have been nice.

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lunadude said...

I'm working my kit, too. Painting the nameplate is being a "bear". I had to wipe it off and start again. I did putty/sand the seams on the hulls, so I'm ready for some primer.

Good to see your progress.