Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Full colour Martian.

Blimey, only just realised i never ambled on over here with pics of the finished chappy.
Here you go then, and sorry for the delay. I've gone for a compromise in the end for his colour scheme, choosing to try and envoke how he looks in the film rather than that of the actual prop.
Lighting him up proved to be a bit annoying as, once i'd driled a hole for and placed the superbright LED, tinted the eye lens the 3 colours, then put it all together, it was only then i realised that the LED might be blummin' bright - but the light only goes straight ahead. Which meant it lit up the central membrane seperating the lenses and hardly any light came out of them.
Luckily, i'd only pushed the eye in place as it was a real tight fit, so it was simple enough to take that back out.
Was a palaver though to drill 2 more holes in the head and neck to take the leads for 2 more LED's.
But, now i've one for each lens, reckon it looks much better.
There will be another update re a modelling project, just as soon as the sales die down and i can go browse the shops in peace.

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