Monday, 21 November 2011

Wells' Martian - the eyes have it.

With his eyes, done that's him finished. As anyone who's read the book will know, Wells is at his vaguest when describing the eyes.
First up, we have:
"... two luminous discs - like eyes". From that we get they have a couple of discs. Not eyes, but discs that could be called eyes. And they glow or are internally lit. Or something.
Then we have:
"Two large dark-coloured eyes". Oh, so now they ARE eyes. And are dark. No luminsosity at all.
Okay, how to do that then?
I've ummed and ahhed all over this build on that very point and, in the end, decided to go with this compromise here - have them large with a very dark brown and black iris centre, but ring it with a bright yellow to try and convey the luminous, disc description.


Derek said...

Great site! I adore "War of the Worlds", so happy to find other fans,

I love these martians you've created! The eyes and "hands" are perfect. You should try and licence them for sale in model/toy shops. Cuddly martian, anyone? :)

As for the design, about the mouth - didn't these critters have some sort of fleshy beak, was there a practical reason you made it more subtle?

Mangamax said...

Mnay thanks for the kind words! Yeah, they do have a fleshy lip rather than a beak but that's kinda hard to get across in a sculpt. I touch on this in the video i've just put up.