Friday, 21 November 2008

Dark Horses WOTW adaptation

If you've not given it a go yet, i highly recommend this telling of the tale by Ian Eddington and D'Israeli.

Their sequel Scarlet Traces are the better known, and i'll come to them in due course, but the book adapatation is a lovely piece of work, with some clever, in spirit new bridging dialogue and scenes, and some excellent art.

I'm not that sure though on Matt's version of the Tripods (being it appears based on Mike Trimms rather than the book) but the Heat Ray's nice and the Martians themselves are excellent. I shamelessly stole the idea of the wide apart black eyes for my sculpture.
If you can't get access to it, here's the whole thing online:

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Alex said...

Scarlet Traces and Great Game are both worth a read. There was an interesting reference to the British comic "The Eagle" in The Great Game, placing Treens on Venus.

I second the recommendation for Black Horses version.