Thursday, 13 November 2008

Where it all started - the 1960's record

Here it is - the thing that got me into The War Of the Worlds and i'm pretty sure into SF as well.

I got it one Christmas when i was about 7 i think, so about 1969. I played it endlessly, which explains its sorry state today.

What is it? I hear you cry (well, i don't. But i like to think i do).

Its odd, that's what it is.

Its an audio adaptation of the novel and is very peculiar in who its been gone about. Its set in the correct time, has the Cylinder, the Tripods and the Heat Ray. It starts to differ with Ogilvy surviving and following the narrator (who's no longer a narrator as its not narrated) though the events. I can understand that though as having someone asking questions and having them answered saves on an awful lot of exposition.

What i don't understand though is (a) why the artilleryman joins them for most of the story, (b) why a child has to tag along and (c) why its VERY vague as to where its set. Woking is named, Horsell Common too. But then tons of Americanisms seep in (oh, everyone talks with an American accent by the way), with London alays being refered to as the "Capital", complete with "Capital Building".

As i say, odd. But its a fun romp and i'll be coming back to it a few times on this Blog. Before i leave it for now though - 2 things. The artwork on the cover here used to mesmerise me and i studied it for hours. Particually taken with the Martian in the hood, the zapping of the Heat Ray and the loose clothing of the woman...

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