Friday, 14 November 2008

Jeff Wayne's version

Now, things are a bit hazy but i'm pretty sure i didn't read the novel between watching the Pal film and getting this album.

So, this was my next exposure and, boy, its been a long exposure at that: got it on cassette when it was released in '78. Played it so much i wore it out. It was one of the first things i got on CD. And from now till then i've played it at least once a month (much more than that if you include all the remixes and stuff from a couple of years back).

Again, its far, far too important to dismiss with just one post.

Will be back to this soon.

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Alex said...

This is pretty much where it began for me.

Have the tape, then vinyl for the booklet, then CD when that happened, and now the boxed set with what 8 discs?

Glad to see another fan.